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    Attractiveness of the face and various body parts

    Updated November 29, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    beautyPhysical and non-physical attractiveness

    What does science tell us? A certain study performed on exactly 37 global populations proved that, not surprisingly, physical attractiveness is a very important element of the overall, general sense of attractiveness; also, that it’s more important for men than it is for women. What’s more, the mentioned importance of this attractiveness is not determined by aspects which we would normally consider as relevant in this case: sexual orientation, gender equality, country’s economic level. Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that the significance of attractiveness is strongly genetically determined and it’s not easily influenced by social and cultural aspects.

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    There are some other interesting facts. Namely, that women for example attach great importance to men’s attractiveness only in short-term relationships. In the long-term ones, the family and investing values usually come first. Surprisingly, for men the case is the opposite – they connect long-term relationships with investment, and they would rather invest in a beautiful woman and have children with such a woman as well. Women, in comparison to men, pay greater attention to men’s clothing as they see it as a sign of socio-economic status an wealth rather than their body (being of biological, physical importance). Researched even added, that stressed, pressured men would more likely meet with a kind, yet physically unattractive woman than with a rude and beautiful one; a relaxed, easygoing man has quite the opposite preferences.

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    Rhinoplasty in WroclawAttractiveness of body and face

    Numerous studies have proven that has greater significance on the overall level of attractiveness than the body, both in men and women. This statement is true for considering short-term and long-term relationships as well.

    The optimal ratio of the size of face/head to the size of the body is a slightly different matter. It is estimated that the length of the face is approximately 7,6 times smaller than the length of the body, and the length of the face alone (from hairline to lower chin) – 9,4 times smaller. Drawing of different silhouettes were given to a group of people to be judged on their atractiveness level, and most of them chose the proportions 1/7,5 (36%) and ⅛ (26%) which are the most typical ones.

    The attractiveness of the face as compared to voice and smell

    There is a strong correlation between the attractiveness of the face and the attractiveness and the pitch of voice in women and the attractiveness and deepness of voice in men. Men and women (especially during fertile days in their menstrual cycle) judge the smell as more pleasant and sexy in those member of the opposite sex with more attractive faces in compared to those with the less. What answers for this correlation of face, smell and voice attractiveness is probably gender hormones – estrogen in women and testosterone in men. One curiosity is that if a person judges the attractiveness of face and voice in a member of the opposite gender (not knowing, that they both come from the same person), then he or she will most likely judge them both as attractive or both as unattractive.

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