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Can asymmetrical breast be fixed by breast implant surgery

woman checking size of her breast after enlargementEvery woman wants to have beautiful, symmetrical breasts of a dream size. Our breasts are naturally uneven, but sometimes the difference is so noticeable that it is impossible to hide and makes us feel really uncomfortable. It deprives women of attractiveness, confidence and really affects their sexual life. But nowadays, women can get rid of the problem of asymmetrical breasts once and for all thanks to cheap breast implants abroad.


What causes breast asymmetry?

It is important to realize that uneven breasts are natural and no woman has perfectly symmetrical breasts. The vast majority of women, however, do not even notice this fact because the asymmetry is minimal and almost impossible to distinguish. However, if you can easily see that your breasts differ from each other, it is a signal that you deal with breast asymmetry, which may be caused by some medical conditions, such as unilateral virginal hypertrophy, mastitis, weight fluctuation, breastfeeding, breast cancer, or aging. Irrespective of the cause, your breast implants in Poland will eliminate this problem.

Can breast implants abroad fix asymmetrical breast?

You have severals ways of eliminating the problem of asymmetrical breasts thanks to your affordable breast surgery. If you want to preserve the size of your smaller breast you can come for a breast reduction abroad. If you would like to have rather bigger breasts, you will have cheap breast implants in Poland. Your breast surgery in Poland might also involve breast lift or nipple relocation. Regarding breast implants, you can have an implant in one or two breasts depending on whether you would like to have breasts of a size which your larger breast is or have even bigger breasts. When you wish to increase also the size of breasts, you will have implants of different sizes placed in both breasts.

Which type of breast implants should be used to fix asymmetrical breast?

After you contact Beauty Poland, we will ask you to send us the photos of your breasts. Your plastic surgeon in Poland will analyze the photos, qualify you for the breast implants and propose the best type of implants for you. In fact, all implants can be used to make breasts symmetric, hence the choice is always made individually for each patient by the surgeon. Saline implants are very often used because they are inserted into your breasts firstly, and only after putting them, the surgeon fills them with the specific amount of saline. Thanks to this technology, the surgeon can easily adjust this amount and use as much saline as is needed. But, you can, by all means, have silicone implants of different sizes. The silicone breast implants are also carefully chosen by the doctor during the consultation so as your breasts become even. Both silicone and saline breast implants in Poland are cheap, at the same time being really high quality!

If you look for cheap breast implants abroad to make your breast symmetrical, attractive and naturally-looking, you should consider coming to Poland for your affordable breast implant surgery. Beauty Poland gives you a variety of private clinics in various cities in Poland, where only professional surgeons work. We can provide you with all-inclusive packages and organize not only your cheap breast surgery but also stay in Poland. We will book a hotel for you, pick you up from the airport and cover all your taxi transfers between your clinic and hotel. You no longer need to live with your asymmetrical breasts, contact Beauty Poland and gain new, natural, beautiful and even breasts thanks to your cheap breast implants in Poland!

Marek is a great fan of medical tourism. He believes that medical tourism is a huge chance for many people, who cannot afford treatment in their home country.
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