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    Arms plastic surgery in Poland – who does the surgery?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Plastic surgery of arms abroad is a procedure by which we can improve the shape of the shoulders, as over time to arms loose the elasticity of the skin. Also, a greater weight loss (for example after gastric sleeve surgery) casues an excess of skin and subcutaneous tissue, which does not look aesthetically. This excess can be removed surgically under the general anesthesia. If the skin is not elastic, the treatment involves surgical removal of excess fat and skin from the folds of the arms. However, if flexibility is maintained, the procedure consists only of the excessive body fat removal (liposuction procedure).

    After the surgery, the smooth skin of arms will look more aesthetically, but it is recommended to move carefully until the third or even the fourth day after the procedure. Physical activity is limited till two to four weeks. During this time the arms will heal and gain a normal appearance. However, full physical activity such as sports and sunbathing is possible after about six to twelve weeks.

    arms surgery abroad

    After the surgery swelling and bruising will remain, but the modeled arms will immediately become apparent. Patients may have a sense of discomfort that can be mitigated with pain pills prescribed by a doctor. The surgeon may use dissolvable stitches, but the most absorbing ones are usually gone within a week. You can also bath very carefully, and normal bathing will be possibile after one week. Most people can return to work in two to three weeks after the surgery.

    As in case of any other body plastic surgery in Poland, complications may occur, which include:
    – shoulder asymmetry
    – irregular scars- infection
    – the risk connected with the use of anesthesia
    – loss of sensation
    – scarring
    – swelling of hands and others.

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