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    Anatomically shaped breast implants Poland

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    When it comes to breast augmentation sometimes, the only thing that comes to mind is silicone. Is it the only solution? Since aesthetic medicine is developing rapidly there are many other options for you to feel comfortable. If you are searching for a natural effect anatomically shaped breast implants in Poland is the solution for you.

    What is anatomically shaped breast implant?

    Anatomically shaped implants were established for the first time in order to restore breast after amputation. This solution was commonly used for women who suffered breast cancer. This kind of solution could provide the most natural outcome. Unsurprisingly, over the time, it became extremely popular in esthetical medicine as well.

    Who should consider having anatomically shaped breast implants in Poland?

    That solution is addressed to a woman that is focused on the most natural look. If you would like to achieve the non-artificial shape of your breast you definitely should consider anatomically shaped breast implants abroad.

    How much is breast augmentation with anatomically shaped breast implants in Poland?

    Anatomically shaped implants are generally a bit more expensive than traditional, round. But if you will decide to come to Poland and perform it abroad you can save more than 50% of the price. You can get your cheap breast implants in one of our clinics for around 2600 GBP.

    Benefits of anatomically shaped breast implants abroad

    The non-artificial look of them is certainly the biggest advantage but not the only one. Doctors commonly recommend this solution because of the fact that they show great ability to customize to the body. What is more, before the breast surgery in Poland, you are able to decide on the volume of the implants in upper and lower parts of the breast. Over the time, they will slowly adjust to the other parts of your body giving inoffensive looking.  

    Downsides of anatomically shaped breast implants Poland

    As previously mentioned, anatomical implants are designed to imitate real breast in the best way. Since they are “teardrops” in shape, they also behave very naturally. That means they may slightly fall down. For that woman who is looking for full breast of Hollywood appearance, we would rather recommend traditional, round implants made of silicone.

    If you would like to perform your breast augmentation in Poland we would love to help you! If you have any questions regarding breast implants, both anatomical or round, our consultant will provide you with all the information you need. Beauty Poland will do it’s best to meet your expectations in the best and most professional way. Make the first step to your cheap breast implants abroad and contact us!

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