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    Abdominoplasty recovery – 7 tips on how to get rocvered after tummy tuck abroad

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Your cheap tummy tuck abroad is only a first step to your new beautiful tummy. The surgery itself and the surgeon’s professionalism are extremely important, but the recovery process after your tummy tuck abroad is equally significant. Your surgeon will give you all instructions and recommendations concerning the recovery process as well as your future life. It is really vital that you follow them because then you will not only see the final effects of your tummy tuck in Poland faster but also you will be looking at them for the rest of your life. Below you will find 10 tips, thanks to which your cheap tummy tuck abroad will give you desired effects.

    Massage your tummy after tummy tuck abroad

    Massages are recommended mainly because thanks to them you will reduce swelling, bruising and scars after your tummy tuck abroad. After your wounds heal and you remove the compression garment, you can start massages. It is advised to have the lymphatic massage, which boosts blood circulation and moves pooled fluids, and as a result, decreases the risk of any complications and reduces swelling, bruises, and scars. You should start with a 30-second massage repeated a few times during the day and over time increase the massage length.

    Let people take care of you after your tummy tuck surgery in Poland

    It would be a good idea to take someone with you for your cheap tummy tuck in Poland. You will need to spend a few days in Poland after the procedure, and you will need assistance in everyday activities. You should not walk much and be careful not to strain the stitches. You will need assistance in activities involving a moderate physical activity or lifting heavy things. If you have children, you will also need help for the first days after you come back from your tummy tuck abroad.

    Follow the diet before (and after) your tummy tuck abroad

    You wouldn’t get any specific or restricted diet before or after your tummy tuck in Poland. The only recommendation of your surgeon will be to keep a balanced diet and eat healthily. You should be careful to eat nutritious food and provide your body with the necessary amount of nutrients as well as avoid eating fast food and sweets. You should retain a healthy lifestyle for the whole life and not try to lose weight immediately on your own. If you decide to lose some weight in the future, the best will be contacting a dietician and being under his control.

    Drink plenty of fluids after your tummy tuck surgery

    Drinking a considerable amount of fluids is an imperative after you tummy tuck abroad. For a few days after surgery, fluids will help get rid of the substances remaining after anesthesia and medications. It will also prevent bloating. It is important to drink first and foremost mineral water and refrain from any sugary drinks. You need to remember to drink much water regularly every day, as it is an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle.

    Wear your compression garment after your tummy tuck in Poland

    The compression garment is extremely important for the final effects. You should wear it all the time for the first week after your cheap tummy tuck in Poland. Thanks to it, your tummy will be well-contoured, and swelling or bruising will disappear faster. If you want, you may wear it constantly for 2 weeks. Over time, you can wear it only at night or with longer breaks.

    Quit smoking before you tummy tuck abroad

    Lastly, you couldn’t do a more healthy thing for yourself after tummy tuck than quit smoking. In fact, you should stop smoking before the surgery to minimize the risk of infections and complications afterward. Smoking may cause such problems as skin necrosis, coughing, delayed wound healing. If you want to see the expected results of your tummy tuck fast, you must avoid nicotine containing substances!

    Do not worry, we will take care of you!

    If you feel worried about traveling to a foreign country for surgery, we have a great solution for you! We can offer you all inclusive package and you will have our assistance during the whole stay. We will book a hotel for you, pick you up from the airport and drive you to the clinic and hotel anytime you will need it. With us, you will feel as if you are on holidays, and at the same time, you will perform your cheap tummy tuck in Poland.

    Your tummy tuck in Poland will be a breakthrough in your life. You will start to feel proud of your tummy, feel more attractive and confident. Your all complexes will be gone! After you contact Beauty Poland, we will help you with everything and our surgeons will provide you with detailed medical information and prices in advance. With us you will save even 60% of the money, so do not hesitate and have your affordable tummy tuck in Poland with us!

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