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    Lip augmentation in Poland with silicone implants

    Updated November 29, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Lip augmentation – what can you expect

    One of the most common treatments among plastic and cosmetic surgeries, is lip augmentation in Poland. We recomend the most our plastic surgery clinic in Warsaw for this treatment. Older solutions, both temporary and permanent, disappointed not only patients but also surgeons.

    Temporary lip augmentation methods are based on injecting of a number of currently manufactured fillers. This method requires the patient to repeat the unpleasant procedure and devote to it more time and money, while the results after the procedure last relatively short. In addition, liquid fillers are not always able to provide the desired shape of the lips.

    Can lip augmentation be peemanent

    Permanent methods are based on self-tissue transplantation (for instance fat graft abroad) which entails additional pain. Until recently it was also popular to inject non-absorbable liquid substances, based on a variety of plastics, but this idea was fast neglected.

    lip augmentation abroad

    Lip implants – is it for me?

    Currently, the most common and desired method is the implants placement into the lips. Implants are made of soft, solid silicone (material known and used in medicine for forty years), using a special technique of production. They have a natural shape and non-porous, smooth surface. They can not break and there is no danger of “the rise of the content” cause they do not contain any liquid. Although this is a permanent solution, at any time, the implant can be removed or replaced with larger / smaller depending on your needs. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. The patient can come back to the daily activities the next day after the procedure.

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