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    8 myths and facts about rhinoplasty / nose surgery abroad

    Updated April 7, 2017
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Beautiful face rhinoplasty

    Face of women after rhinoplasty

    Below you may find some popular myths regarding rhinoplasty abroad. If you have more questions, feel free to contact our consultants. You may also speak directly with your surgeon while video consultation, phone conversation or personal consultation in Poland.

    Myth 1: My nose can look like any Hollywood star nose.

    Fact: Every patient should have realistic expectations. Everybody face and visage is different that is why Angelina Jolie’s nose may not suit you, and it may not be achievable. Your new nose must fit your face, ethnicity, eyes location, etc. There is essential to be realistic, have pure expectations how do you like your nose to look like. Your doctor will provide you with advice what you may expect.

    Myth 2: Rhinoplasty is only for wealthy people.

    Fact: Rhinoplasty surgery abroad may be affordable for you! For full rhinoplasty in Poland you will pay only 1900 GBP. That is 60% less than in UK, where nose surgery price is 5000 GBP. That is also 40% less than in Germany, where surgery price is 2800 GBP.  Cheap nose surgery abroad may be your chance to save money!

    Myth 3: Rhinoplasty will leave scars.

    Fact: While closed rhinoplasty the incisions are typically made inside the nostrils. There is no external incisions, which may leave scars. While open rhinoplasty, a small  incision is made across the columella, typically in the shape of an upside-down “V” or a stair step. The scar should not be visible.

    Myth 4: Patients always need to be under general anesthesia during the nose surgery.

    Fact: That is true. All full nose surgeries are performed under general anaesthetic. Minor surgeries like nose tip surgery, or septoplasty might be performed under local anaesthetic.

    Myth 5: I will get horrible bruising after nose job

    Fact: Some bruising around nose and eyes are natural,  but it all depends on the individual case. Some people are more likely to have bruising and bruise more easily than others. The other factor is surgery type, in case you have to have nose broken buising are more likely to occur. While nose tip surgery they should not come.

    Myth 6: Rhinoplasty is extremely painful

    Fact: Most of patients after nose surgery experience discomfort rather than pain. You may feel strange as you will have plaster on your nose. You will breathe using mouth. There should be no pain as painkillers are provided for each patient. Nose may be itchy and swollen even one month after surgery. First month may not be comfortable, but surgery results are permanent.

    Myth 7: Rhinoplasty abroad is dangerous

    Fact: There is no difference where the surgery is performed. The standards for medical surgeries, hospitals and aftercare is the same in Europe. Travelling one week after surgery is also allowed and save for patient.

    Myth 8: Only women get rhinoplasty.  

    Fact: That is not true. In our clinic 60% performed surgeries, that are female surgeries, 40% that are male surgeries. Rhinoplasty is surgery for both genders.

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