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    6 facts about rhinoplasty abroad

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    rhinoplasty in PolandYour nose is a body part always visible and exposed, so if you feel unhappy or ashamed of it, there is no better way than having rhinoplasty abroad. The feeling that you have a nose you always wanted will give you more confidence and attractiveness and will improve your psychological condition. You no longer need to worry that you do not have enough money for your surgery because Beauty Poland offers a cheap rhinoplasty in Poland, which you can by all means afford!

    Rhinoplasty abroad is one of the most challenging surgeries

    Rhinoplasty is referred to as an art job regarding all plastic surgeries. Unlike other procedures, nose surgery does not depend much on equipment or technology, but rather on skills, experience, precision, and craft of the surgeon. Every rhinoplasty requires a full concentration and leaves only a minimum margin of error. Nose is the most often exposed body part, hence, any even minor mistake can cause serious consequences for the physical and psychological state of the patient. Beauty Poland cooperates only with the most experienced and talented plastic surgeons who are working in the best private clinics in Poland. We can assure that every patient will be treated individually and the surgeon will prepare himself carefully before every procedure. Before the surgery, you will have a consultation with your surgeon and you will be explained all steps of your surgery and described the effect that will be achieved. You can ask your surgeon all your questions so that you will feel safe and comfortable. Of course, you will be provided with all the information about your surgeon in advance, we will tell you about his experience, education, and testimonials of previous patients. It is extremely important to trust the surgeon who will perform your cheap rhinoplasty in Poland.

    Rhinoplasty in Poland is a customizable procedure

    Every nose is different, hence every rhinoplasty differs as well. Every patient who comes to Poland to have affordable rhinoplasty abroad is provided with a personalized and individual price from the surgeon. Also, the surgeon informs patient what work is needed and how many days of stay in Poland are required. Depending on a current size, shape, and look of your nose as well as on your expectations, your surgeon will inform you whether open or closed rhinoplasty is necessary. He will give you all details of your rhinoplasty in Poland, e.g. whether you need hump removal, tip correction, osteotomy or septoplasty. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, you should stay in Poland for 6 – 10 days. After you contact Beauty Poland and send the required photos of your nose, you will be given all mentioned information. So you will know all details of your rhinoplasty in Poland in advance.

    Scarring after rhino abroad is usually minimal

    Depending on what your surgeon recommends, you can have either open or closed rhinoplasty. The placement of incisions slightly differs. In open rhinoplasty, the incisions are made between the nostrils on the underside of your nose. In closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made inside your nostrils. Regardless of the type of the surgery, rhinoplasty leaves minimal scarring! For the first days after your rhinoplasty in Poland, your nose area will be reddish and after 1 week the stitches will be removed by your surgeon or will dissolve themselves. Within 6 months the incisions places should blend with your skin so that they will be indistinguishable and extremely hard to notice. If you take a proper care of your nose during the recovery process and follow all instructions given to you by your doctor, the scars may become invisible even sooner.

    Rhinoplasty abroad is cheap

    Poland offers one of the cheapest nose surgeries abroad. The price for your rhinoplasty in Poland can be even twice as cheap as in your country! The price starts from 2100 GBP. The price for your cheap rhinoplasty in Poland depend mainly on the complexity of your surgery and the effects which you want to achieve, hence it is always given individually to every patient. Your price for a cheap rhinoplasty in Poland will include: surgery, general anesthesia, medical tests, consultation, stay in the clinic after the surgery and post-surgery visit in the clinic. In order to get the price for your nose job in Poland, contact Beauty Poland and your personal assistant will instruct you about all further steps.

    Nose job abroad is done by professionals

    If you look for a cheap, but at the same time professional rhinoplasty abroad, Poland is a perfect place. Here, you will have your affordable rhinoplasty performed by a certified, widely experienced and professional surgeon who specializes in nose surgeries and works in a well-equipped and modern private clinic. During your stay in the clinic, you can always count on your surgeon as well as the whole clinic’s personnel. The staff in the clinic speaks English fluently, so you will feel as if you were in your country. All surgeons we cooperate with specializing in nose surgeries and constantly attend numerous symposia, conferences, and courses in order to extend their knowledge and skills even more.

    Beauty Poland will organize not only your surgery but also your stay

    Beauty Poland offers not only cheap rhinoplasty in Poland but also all assistance in organizing your journey and stay. We will help you find direct flight tickets at most affordable price. Also, more and more patients decide to buy our all-inclusive package. It involves accommodation in a hotel with breakfasts included, a pick up from the airport, all taxi transfers between the clinic and your hotel during your stay, and transfer to the airport when you will be returning home. Thanks to that, you can save even more money! Just contact Beauty Poland and we will present you our offer in a more detailed way! We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our service as well as your nose surgery results!

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