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    5 post surgical recovery tips for rhinoplasty abroad patients

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Rhinoplasty abroad is a popular plastic surgery, which can definitely change the way you look. If you want to recover faster and enjoy your nose job results quicker you should definitely look for tips, which will help you during the recovery process. Here are some of the most useful advice after performing rhinoplasty abroad:

    5. Eat soft foods for the first week or two

    After having a rhinoplasty surgery in Poland you should avoid chewing hard foods as it can potentially lead to a shift in your healing nose’s structure. In the first few days, your doctor may even recommend you to avoid chewing at all, so that you should concentrate on eating soups, smoothies, puddings and other soft foods. After some time you should introduce more hard foods gradually. You shouldn’t skip to chewing gum and eat nuts immediately. Furthermore, you should always ask your surgeon in Poland about your new (however temporary) eating habits.

    4. Stay out of the pool after rhinoplasty abroad

    You should avoid running, jogging and other exercises for at least 2 weeks after your rhinoplasty. However, for example, swimming must be avoided for the first six weeks. First of all, if you still have a cast on, swimming is not advised as the cast on your nose must be kept dry. Second of all, even if you are no longer wearing a cast, you should not head back to the pool straight away. While the nose is getting set to its new shape, swimming could shift it and endanger the great results and make the healing process a lot harder. Not only the water causes pressure around the nose, but also chlorine could easily get into your nose and cause burning pain. Swimming in pools after the rhinoplasty surgery is not safe during recovery, so don’t take the unnecessary risk and avoid it for a couple of weeks.

    3. Be patient

    This is a simple rule, however, it may be the most difficult one to execute. It is natural that after the surgery you want to enjoy the results straight away. However, you should give your body appropriate time to heal and recover from the surgery. Do not rush anything and the benefits will be amazing. Seeing the full results of your rhinoplasty surgery in Poland may take up to 6 months. Do not worry, as it is completely normal. Be patient during the recovery period, as your looks are getting better and better every single day.

    2. Take it easy with the toothbrush after rhino abroad

    You may not think about it at first, but the nose isn’t the only area, which must be treated gently after your rhinoplasty surgery. Quick, aggressive and hard tooth brushing can shift the upper lip and eventually affect the cartilage and tissue of the nose while it heals. So you should definitely take it easy. You can still clean your teeth very well without moving the toothbrush around too much. Take it easy and slowly, to avoid unnecessary problems, which can be easily avoided. 

    1. Wear button-front clothing

    Pulling clothes over your head after having your affordable rhinoplasty abroad is not a good idea. You should avoid wearing t-shirts for the first two weeks, as pulling clothes over your head may hit, pull and drag your new sensitive nose. Wear a button down shirt to avoid accidental nose movement. You should think about that before the surgery and if you do not have enough button-downs you should invest in some new clothing, to ensure the best results of your nose job.

    If you have any more questions about the recovery process after cheap rhinoplasty surgery abroad, feel free to contact our patient advisors. Our team is here to help you throughout the whole process, so do not hesitate and book your cheap rhinoplasty today!

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