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5 Facts about weight loss surgery abroad

Updated November 24, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

gastric bypassOverweight and obesity are extremely serious problems which, more often than not, can be treated only surgically. Weight loss surgeries can be very expensive therefore many people decide to have a cheap weight loss surgery abroad. Poland is a very popular destination regarding bariatric surgeries as here you not only have a cheap weight loss surgery but also get a professional and high-standard treatment and care. In this article, we will supply you with some facts and information about a cheap weight loss surgery in Poland.

Weight loss surgery might cure diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease afflicting mainly obese and overweight people. There is no better cure for this disease than losing weight. It has been proved that after weight loss surgery abroad, the blood sugar level gets back to normal. Over 60% of patients performing a bariatric surgery in Poland have completely got rid of a type 2 diabetes within a few years after the surgery. A weight loss surgery has a direct influence on the hormones and insulin management by the cells, as a result of which the blood sugar level is lowering gradually.

Success rate of weight loss surgery ~ 85%

A success rate of a cheap weight loss surgery abroad depends on 2 factors: a patient and a surgeon. cooperates with the clinic that is one of the leaders in treating obesity. We make sure that the surgeons have a many-year experience and have performed dozens of weight loss surgeries of various types. Our surgeons are familiarized with the most advanced methods of performing surgeries, they constantly work on improving their knowledge, skills, and expertise. The surgery is only the first step towards overcoming obesity. After the surgery, patients consult a dietician, psychologist, and the GP and get a strict diet plan as well as all instructions for the recovery period and further life. The doctor is in touch with a patient and offers help at any time. Almost 90% of our patients coming for their cheap bariatric surgery to Poland overcome obesity once and for all. Together, we will fight your obesity disease in a fast and effective way!

Recovery from weight loss surgery abroad is fast

The recovery after your weight loss surgery is amazingly fast. You will spend a few days in a hospital firstly so that your surgeon makes sure there are no complications or infections. Before you return home, you will be provided with a diet and exercise plan and given the instructions for the recovery period. Following all the instructions will result in an extremely fast recovery and going back to normal life. Usually, patients return to work about 1-2 weeks after the surgery, but if the work involves a regular physical activity, it would be better to wait even 3 weeks before going back to work. As long as you stick to all suggestions, advice as well as diet and exercising plan, your recovery will go smoothly and fast.

Weight loss surgery can be covered by insurance

There is a possibility to perform your cheap weight loss surgery in Poland within your insurance policy. If your weight poses serious health problems, there is a high possibility that your bariatric surgery can be covered by insurance. Before coming to Poland for the surgery, you need to discuss the conditions of your insurance and make sure whether it covers bariatric surgeries and what conditions need to be fulfilled to have it refundable. In Poland, we very often deal with refundable weight loss surgeries and we are eager to help you in that field.

Approximately 200,000 US adults have bariatric surgery each year.

The vast majority of an American society struggle with obesity that is an implicit, or even direct, a cause of an untimely death. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans decide to have a weight loss surgery because it is the only way of avoiding an early death. makes weight loss surgeries more accessible and affordable by offering cheap bariatric surgeries abroad. In the recent years, many people from the whole world come to Poland for a cheap weight loss surgery, thanks to which they are able to save much money and can get a professional surgery performed by an experienced and highly qualified specialist.

Weight loss surgeries in Poland has been growing in popularity among people from UK, USA, and Germany. Thanks to , people no longer need to suffer the consequences of their obesity because they can afford a cheap weight loss surgery. If you feel your weight poses severe health problems and restricts or limits your everyday life, do not hesitate and contact . We will organize your surgery and help schedule your trip and stay in Poland! You can also chceck the prices of gastric sleeve surgery all over the world.

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