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    10 myths and facts about hair transplant Poland

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    hair transplant polandHair transplant Poland becomes more and more popular nowadays so the procedure itself is changing and developing. Still, an average person has a ton of misconceptions about this treatment.  This article is going to explain you the most popular myths and show you the truth about hair transplant abroad.

    Myth 10: Transplanted hair do not grow

    Properly implanted hair grow exactly in the same way as your natural hair. The hair for the transplant procedure is taken from your own head. Each hair is taken out, along with the root, which is why the hair has the capacity to grow.

    Myth 9: Hair Transplant Abroad is an unsafe method & can lead to health problems

    Hair transplant is a really safe procedure. Extremely rarely do any complications occur.  The only problems that have been ever reported is that sometimes you may have a small infection, or if you need a large number of grafts, you may feel a little head numbness or itching for some time after the procedure. However, serious complications do not occur. Also, we work only with experienced clinics, which will take all the precautions. You can be sure that the procedure will be safe.

    Myth 8: Women are not candidates for hair transplant Poland

    Women are exactly as good candidates for cheap hair transplant as men. However, some criteria for women are different as the number of grafts needed to be extracted is usually different and baldness type is not alike.  Reviews show that women hair transplant is a successful procedure too and every balding female should think about undertaking hair transplant.

    Myth 7: Transplanted hair will fall off

    The transplanted hair actually do not fall off and last for a lifetime. Some people think that the transplanted hair grow for some time and then fall off. However, it is not the case. The natural cycle of transplanted hair looks like this: it usually falls around 2- 3 weeks after the implantation and then, the hair start growing back.

    Myth 6: The results of hair transplants abroad look unnatural

    If the doctor performing your hair transplant is an expert and professional, there is no reason why you would need to worry that it would not look natural. Your surgeon abroad will make sure that each hair follicle is extracted with a special standard care and that the scars are minimal or well hidden.

    Myth 5: It is better to have a hair transplant abroad when you are young

    People of almost all ages can have their hair transplant abroad. Of course, the ones who are beyond their 30s or 40s are usually the best candidates, because their hair loss pattern is stable and the chances of losing more hair is not very big.

    Myth 4: Lower prices mean lower quality of the hair transplant abroad

    Beauty Poland offers most affordable prices for hair transplant Poland. We cooperate with the best clinics in Poland, the doctors of which specialise in hair restoration. We also help you organise your travel and accommodation with pleasure. We are at your disposal from your first enquiry till you leave Poland after your hair transplant treatment.  As you can see, we want to take care of you and provide you with the best offer. Saving money does not automatically mean agreeing on lower quality. Our doctors are very experienced professionals, with many years of experience and we guarantee the top level of surgery performance.

    Myth 3: You can use someone else’s hair for your transplant abroad

    Only hair from your own body can be transplanted and used to replace the hair on your head, because foreign hair would be rejected by your own body and could have terrible consequences. However hair can also be extracted from your legs and other parts of your body, most surgeons prefer scalp hair.

    Myth 2: Hair transplant abroad is a painful procedure

    Like with any medical procedure, hair transplant might cause some discomfort, however it is a painless surgery. Almost every hair transplant is done under anesthesia, so patients do not feel any pain. Even after the procedure has been completed, there is little or no pain, only the occasional discomfort or irritation, which tends to fade away with time.

    Myth 1: I should wait until I am bald before getting hair transplant Poland

    This is one myth that is definitely not true! Waiting until you get bald to get a hair transplant would be nearly impossible. A hair transplant in Poland, put very simply, is taking hair from one area of the head to another – this could not be done if you had no hair at all.

    If you need a cheap, high-quality and effective hair transplant done by an experienced surgeon, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to be of assistance!

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