Fat Graft in Poland

5 reasons to have Fat Graft done in Poland

fat-graft-poland1. Fat graft Poland will make you feel younger!

Fat graft is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can make both men and women look younger. Fat graft is a procedure during which the surgeon will transplant the fat to different parts of your body, usually face, breast, buttock. With its help you can make your cheeks full, forehead round and scars filled. One of the biggest advantages of the procedure is that the transplantation effects heal permanently in 50%-80% of cases. 

2. The fat graft can solve different problems!

Fat graft is a popular procedure in Poland as it can solve different problems such as:

  • supplement the shortage of soft tissues
  • temper the bone contours
  • fill in lines and wrinkles
  • correct asymmetry
  • fill cavities or surgical injuries
  • it also can be used as a complement to other surgical procedures such as the eyelid or facelift.

3. Fat graft does not cause any allergic reaction!

One of the biggest advantages of the fat graft procedure is that the used material is fully safe and does not cause any allergic reaction, as it is your own tissue. The surgeon will take the tissue from the removed parts during other surgeries for instance breast or tummy surgeries. The fat can be also obtained through liposuction.

Fat graft procedure

4. Fast recovery period!

The great advantage of the treatment is the fact that the recovery time is very short. The bruising or swelling persist for only a few days. The results are visible after 1-2 days.

5. Best prices for fat graft procedure with Beauty Poland!

By choosing to have fat graft procedure done in Poland you can save up to 50% on it. Beauty Poland cooperates only with the best clinics and experienced surgeons. We can guarantee you a high-quality and long lasting results of your fat graft procedure in Poland.