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Attractiveness of the face and various body parts

Physical and non-physical attractiveness What does science tell us? A certain study performed on exactly 37 global populations proved that, not surprisingly, physical attractiveness is a very important element of the overall, general sense of attractiveness; also, that it’s more

Top 6 breasts in Hollywood - check who has done it!

The fact that friends or coworkers can notice new breasts refrains many women from breast enlargement procedure. However, there are some women who are constantly exposed to the public and they do not really care about the opinion of others. All

Implanty piersi w Polsce

Breast implants in Poland - step by step

 What’s your dream look ? Many women don’t enjoy life fully because of complexes, some due to health complications that might have resulted in mastectomy or general dissatisfaction with their appearance. Some of those women do not feel attractive and

Tummy before plastic surgery

Liposuction in Poland - which type should I choose?

 1. Why do patients recommend liposuction? Liposuction in Poland is a procedure which effectively supports your hard work and efforts to achieve your perfect figure. It’s you who specifies which part of the body you are not fully satisfied with,

How Rhinoplasty is done

What is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping procedure, which can change many aspects of nose appearance like the size, shape, profile, positions of the nostrils. This facial procedure in Poland may also improve some breathing difficulties by the correction

What is Breast Enlargement and how its done

What is the procedure of Breast Enlargement? The Breast Enlargement is a body  plastic surgery in Poland of installing implants. If you are unhappy with your breasts size and believe your breasts to be too small, boob job is for you.